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My name is Sam amar, this is my photography blog, and here are some things you probably don't care about:
-I'm 17 (born 1996, incase this is outdated)
-all photos taken and edited by me
-I live 15 mins out of a little surf town in Australia, NSW called Byron Bay
-Started this blog January 2012, in the hopes of creating a sort of portfolio incase I ended up trying to do this professionally, although now i just do it for fun (no real professional intentions)
-I usually use a Nikon D90, with a 70-300mm and a 10-24mm
-Occasionly use an iphone, or an oldish film camera
-all watermarks, titles and names are experimental at this stage
-FEEL FREE to use any of my photos on anything, but give credit

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I don’t know what it is about tumblr, it looks fine even as a deresed jpeg, but the grain is crazy, i know.. hopefully the other go up  better.  I’ll upload them over the next week, and then a photoset with all of them, i’m actually rather proud. Looking at the grain just makes me wish i had a better sensor though :/  I can dream
I FINALLY TOOK PHOTO’S, GUYS!spent a couple of hours wondering around the property last night, then got back and edited them fairly realistically.  This morning i decided i’d re-edit so they’re all excessively over the top.  I might re-redo them, can’t make up my mind. Meanwhile, they all like like fairly average star shots bc cheap crop sensor but at a glance they look pretty nice :)

Anonymous asked: your photography is absolutely incredible not to mention hauntingly beautiful. Congratulations on the work, and keep it up!

Cheers, since I’ll probably be busy with school for the next few weeks the uploads will be drying up but whenever I get time i try haha

Little earlier than the last one, the white’s stand out too much in the foreground+cruise but the sky’s interesting
Really interesting light, didn’t bring my 300mm to syd which i was a bit annoyed at myself for given the light trails on the bridge but i like this.  Unfortunately every night we stayed there was a different cruise ship in circular quay so i didn’t quite have an interrupted view of the harbour.  still pretty amazing view though, stayed at quay west
similar to last one, bit hazy & grainy
I think it’s too faint to see on tumblr but the skyline is really intricate and in pretty awesome light, sensor isn’t good enough to crop hard and i didn’t have my 300mm so squint, i guess ;)
The mail slip
All aboard the search engine