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My name is Sam amar, this is my photography blog, and here are some things you probably don't care about:
-I'm 17 (born 1996, incase this is outdated)
-all photos taken and edited by me
-I live 15 mins out of a little surf town in Australia, NSW called Byron Bay
-Started this blog January 2012, in the hopes of creating a sort of portfolio incase I ended up trying to do this professionally, although now i just do it for fun (no real professional intentions)
-I usually use a Nikon D90, with a 70-300mm and a 10-24mm
-Occasionly use an iphone, or an oldish film camera
-all watermarks, titles and names are experimental at this stage
-FEEL FREE to use any of my photos on anything, but give credit

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yeah, crap iphone photo but incase you didn’t notice THERE’S A RAINBOW IN THE SEA, PEOPLE.
odd textures
Final picture from tassie, backlogs finally run dry, I’m actually in the middle of my mid-course exams but as soon as they’re done i have a few things that i’ve been thinking of doing for a while now that i might actually get to. I know pano’s that aren’t stitched from portrait orientation look horrible on tumblr but hey, that’s life.
Went through my phone and found a few crappy shots from planes that i’ll upload, I like this because of the sand, I love seeing the vast mountains and drop off’s of sand from the air, after having dived it gives food for thought

mycreativevoid asked: 20, live in the northern California wine country, the landscape around where we live is amazingly simular. Best - Taylor-

Most of the recent photos i’ve been uploading are from tasmania, which is also wine country but is about a 3 hour flight from the greener landscapes where i live, but yeah it’s uncanny— you take some amazing photographs btw ;)

Love the texture in the water
Out with the old, in with the new
Fat porche
Inside MONA- running along single lit paintings with a slow shutter looks like a subway train :)